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Plastic Tubular Spray Bottle with Atomiser Spray 100ml

Plastic Tubular Spray Bottle with Atomiser Spray 100ml

Plastic Tubular Spray Bottle with Atomiser Spray 100ml

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About the fragrance

Disclaimer: Our Creations of Perfume Oils are Impressions and Versions of famous brand fragrances and not associated in any way with the designer brands or manufacturers mentioned on it. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. Designer/Brand Name is solely used for comparison purposes to give customers an idea of fragrance character and scent accords.

About the fragrance

Perfect fragrance oils for all perfumery product such as for making perfume, Body Mist, Hair mist, home interior fragrances, bath & body products including oils for candles, reed diffusers and more.


Item Decription: 

The 100ml Clear PET Plastic Tubular Bottle & Atomiser Spray is a glass-like bottle with all the benefits of PET plastic! The transparent PET (poly ethylene terephthalate) is shatterproof and lightweight, so you can transport these bottles easily and cost-effectively, while minimising the risk of in-transit breakages. Made from a recyclable material, this bottle is also an eco-friendly choice. This product comes with a classic atomiser spray applicator, available in black, which allows you to apply the contents of the bottle in a fine mist.

Our 100ml Clear PET Plastic Tubular Bottle & Atomiser Spray is ideal for storing and dispensing body spritzes, fabric fresheners, room sprays, fragrances and household cleaning products. It’s also great for a whole range of other beauty, household and grooming products. It’s a popular choice for hotel amenities, product samples and even food products – PET is a food safe plastic that provides a sturdy barrier against water and moisture.

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