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Perfume oils for women

Brand: Lancome's
Perfume Oil Impression of Lancome's Magie Noire
Our Creation of Lancome's Magie NoireThis perfume is part of Chypre Floral Fragrance      NotesTop Notes: Galbanum, Cassis, Cassia, Hiacynth, Bulgarian Rose, Raspberry and BergamotMiddle Notes: Honey, Narcissus, Cedar, Orris Root, Ylang-Ylang, Tubero..
$12.00 - $130.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Luxodor's
Perfume Oil Impression of Luxodor Silk Roses
Luxodor is a wholesaler and distributor of authentic fragrances. Find popular perfume brands at the lowest price The name of this model- Silk Roses, alludes the sensation of floral romance. Luxodor offers its customers an experience of pure ecstasy and passion captured inside this angelic white..
$12.00 - $186.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Luxodor's
Perfume oil Impression of Luxodor The Ottoman Hatun
Luxodor is a wholesaler and distributor of authentic fragrances. Find popular perfume brands at the lowest price Luxodor brings you an amazing fragrance from the Ottoman Series to relinquish your thirst for a refreshing odor, named as Hatun. This floral woody musk, formulated for women, primarily co..
$12.00 - $315.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Yves Saint Laurent's
Perfume Oil Impression of Manifesto
Our Luxodor version of YSL's ManifestoThis perfume is part of Amber Floral Fragrance.  NotesTop notes:  Black Currant, Bergamot and Green Notesmiddle notes: Jasmine Sambac and Lily-of-the-Valleybase notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Cedar. L..
$12.00 - $155.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Dior's
Perfume Oil Impression of Miss Cherie
Our Luxodor version of Dior's Miss CherieThis perfume is part of Chypre Fruity Fragrance     NotesTop notes:  Cherry, Strawberry, Pineapple and Mandarin OrangeMiddle notes: Popocorn, Caramel, Rose, Jasmine and VioletBase notes: Patchouli, Musk a..
$12.00 - $155.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Lanvin's
Perfume oil Impression of Modern Princess
Luxodor is a wholesaler and distributor of authentic fragrances. Find popular perfume brands at the lowest price Lanvin's Modern PrincessThis perfume is part of Floral Fruity Fragrance  NotesTop Notes: Red Apple, Red CurrantMiddle Notes: Freesia, JasmineBase Notes: Vani..
$12.00 - $105.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Montale Paris's
Perfume Oil Impression of Montale's Roses Elixir
Our Luxodor Creation of Montale's Roses ElixirThis perfume is part of Floral Fruity Fragrance     Top Notes Strawberry Leaf, Rose, Citrus FruitsHeart NotesJasminum Auriculatum, Orange BlossomBase notesAmber, Musk, VanillaLuxodor is a wholesaler and distributor of a..
$12.00 - $160.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Burberry 's
Perfume Oil Impression of My Burberry
Our Creation of Burberry's My BurberryThis perfume is part of Floral Fragrance           NotesTop Notes: Sweet Pea, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit and LemonMiddle Notes: Quince, Freesia, Geranium, Peach, Green Notes, G..
$12.00 - $110.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Valentino's
Perfume oil Impression of Valentino's Valentina Poudre
Our Luxodor Creation of Valentino's Valentina PoudreThis perfume is part of Amber Floral Fragrance     Top Notes Powdery Notes and Ambrette (Musk Mallow)Middle NotesIris and TuberoseBase notesVanilla, Sandalwood and Tonka BeanLuxodor is a wholesaler and distributor of a..
$12.00 - $160.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: Sisheido's
Perfume oil Impression of Zen - Sisheido
Our Luxodor Creation of Shiseido's ZenThis perfume is part of Floral Woody Musk Fragrance     NotesTop Notes: Grapefruit, Pineapple, Bergamot, Orange and RoseMiddle Notes: Freesia, Red Apple, Lotus, Hyacinth, Gardenia, Lily-of-the-Valley, Violet and Orris..
$12.00 - $138.00
Ex Tax:$0.00
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Perfume oils for women wholesale

The right fragrance enriches our life and helps to provide an unforgettable impression on others. When you select a scent that reflects your personality, you feel more confident and grab more attention. Our company provides multiple solutions for various occasions of your life at women's perfume oils wholesale. We use only authentic components for women perfume using essential oils. Our perfumery shop holds perfume oils for women wholesale.

You can buy the woman body oil of our creation. We provide women's fragrance oils with copies of fragrances of popular brands. Take advantage of our profitable promotions and acquire bulk cologne oils for yourself or your nearest and dearest. Fragrance oils bulk buy at the best price. You are not required to overpay for parfume oil in bulk. We present you with body oils for women of high quality and reasonable price.

Women's fragrance oils at perfume wholesale UAE

We provide you with perfume oils with trendy fragrances of our creation. Perfume oils in bulk are the best choice for everyday use. Women's perfume oils remain on the skin much longer than the perfume. Perfume oil in bulk does not contain alcohol, so the fragrance is long-lasting and remains on your skin for up to 9 hours. An essential oil perfume of our creation contains organic oils that moisturize your skin.

At the women's perfume oils wholesale of our perfumery store, you will find a vast collection of perfume analogs of famous brands. From woman oil perfumes for sale, you can select items for different occasions of your life, seasons, and mood. Check top products from top fragrance oil supplier in UAE. Perfume oils wholesale contain the most popular fragrances on the market. Order top-quality perfumes at cheap prices at wholesale bulk perfume oil. We will deliver your beloved perfume oil bulk fragrance within a few days.

Oil perfumery for woman from perfume oil supplier in UAE

Fragrance presents you to the world. The right scented oils for woman can relax or lift your spirit. What can be a better gift than perfume? If you want to make your nearest and dearest happy or prepare a gift for a special holiday, you can choose a fragrance from our oil-based perfumes wholesale. We provide you with top oil perfumery for woman. Select top products from top perfume oil supplier in UAE. Acquire your beloved 100ml perfume oil at the best price. Our main goal is to provide the best bulk perfume oil products for reasonable prices and create long-term relations with every client. Select items that fit your taste the most and buy perfume oil in bulk in minimum time. The perfume oil has many advantages:

  • skincare effect;
  • raising the mood;
  • a rich and long-lasting aroma.

Correctly selected perfumery from perfume oil wholesale UAE will help you to lift your spirits. Our shop holds the best perfume wholesale UAE. Order cologne oil in bulk at the best price. Check the most popular fragrance oil in bulk analog of well-known brands.